Timeline:  National Legal Fights on the Mascot Issue

1968- A nation congress on American Indianas launches campaign to address stereotypes found in print and in other media
1969- NA activists Dartmouth College continue to promote changes in that schools Indians nickname.
1970- University of Oklahoma retires its Little Red mascot that had been traditional since 1940's. Protests against Cleveland Indians baseball team, Cheif Wahoo, take place in Cleveland.
1971- Maraquette University abandons itsWillie Wampum mascot. Prior to the 1994 season, the MU changed Warriors to Golden Eagles.
1972- A petition by AI students at Standford University results in the school dropping Indian sports team nickname and logos. Dickinson State changes from the Savages to the Blue Hawks. Increasing Efforts begun in the 1960's, First Nations students at the University of North Dakota take steps to retire the school's Fighting Sioux nickname.
1979- Syracuse University did away with Saltine Warrior mascot. St. Bonaventure, NY, retired it's Brown Indians and Brown Squaws sports team mascots.
1980- Southern Oregon University ends a tradition begun in 1950 when its Red Raiders sports teams cease using several depictions of Indian Cheifs as mascots and symbolic logos for sporting teams.
1988- National Congress of American Indians issues a resolution which "denounces the use of any American Indian name or artifice associated with team mascots."
1994- The state of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issues a directive "strongly urging" all Wisconsin schools using American Indian related mascots to discontinue such uses.
1996- University of Tennessee at Chattanooga discontinues the use of its "Cheif Moccanooga" mascot. The following the team's "Moccasins" nickname was shortened to "Mocs" in reference to Tennesseee's state bird, the Mockingbird.