Primary Source Document:

Darnall, Pam Pearman.  Interview by William Darnall.  December 27, 2010, Northbrook, Illinois
Pam Darnall is team member William Darnall's grandmother.  She is part Cherokee Indian and was able to give us an interview regarding her views on the Native American mascot controversy.  

Secondary Source Documents:

Davis, L.  "Protest Against the Use of Native American Mascots:  A Challenge to Traditional, American Identity.  Journal of Sport and Social Issues 17.  1993: 9-22.
This gave us a lot of historical background information about the mascot controversy and the challenges to the Native American history and rituals. 

Deslatte, Aaron.  "FSU Worked to Cultivate Better Image of Seminole."  Florida Today.  17 August 2005
This article provided us with detailed information about the NCAA imposing policies and punishments for schools including Florida State for using "hostile and abusive" American Indian mascots.  We were able to follow the controversy from the 1950's to current time. 

Grillo, Christina.  "Mascots in the Middle."  Weekly Reader News December 14, 2007:  22-26.
This article was a debate between two school-age students in Oregon, the lawmakers in Oregon wanted to ban the Native American mascots from schools.  This let us see how students our own age across the country felt about the issue. 

Guedel, Greg.  "Redskins 1 - Dignity 0?  Native Americans Lose Offensive Mascot Lawsuit."  Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination, 2009.  15 May 2009
This online article outlined the outcome of the legal battle between the Washington Redskin organization and the Native American plaintiffs fighting to overthrow the trademark ruling of the "Redskin" name. 

Jean, Terri.  "A Time-Line on the FIght to Get Rid of the Offensive Mascots."  Native Village 2003.
This online time-line gave us a broad look at legal battles that have been going on since 1968 regarding the use of Native American mascots.  This gave us a picture of just how far reaching the issue has been. 

Peterseim, Locke.  "Not Just Whistling Dixie in D.C."  ESPN
This website article provided background information regarding the Washington Redskin fight song and lyrics.  We were able to see the lyrics had significantly changed due to the focus on political correctness. 

Pinto, Nick.  "An Honor or a Disgrace?  School Mascots face scrutiny."  The Newbury Port News
23 February 2007:  2-4.
This newspaper article discussed the ongoing debate in college athletics regarding Native American mascots.  The article expressed views from both sides of the debate.  It was especially helpful to get to the heart of whether people feel mascots are honoring the Native American heritage by parading an indian on horseback at a pre-game show or placing a logo on a football helmet. 

Sheppard, Heather.  "Assembly:  No redskins-Ban on Name Advances to the Senate."  Los Angeles Daily, 2004. 
online edition:  http//,1413,200-20954-1923795,00.
This online article from the L.A. newspaper gave us more background information and facts pertaining to the Washington Redskin lawsuit. 

Sound Recording:  "Hail to the Redskins."