We decided to ask a diverse group of people about the debate.  Our group members spoke to parents, students and teachers.  
Our group surveyed the opinions of approximately fifty different people and the results were 90% advised mascots and names with Native American references should be left as they are.  Many people cited that changing the names now might bring about more backlash for the Native American community.  There was a small percent of people that felt the names should be changed and the Native American community sought for approval of a politically correct name.

"I can certainly sympathize with individuals that feel it is disrespectful to the Native American heritage, but I feel as long as the slogan or mascot is held reverently and not shown any slander, it upholds many of the Native American traditions."  Amy Darnall, parent and educator

" I wouldn't change the name, but if I were to, I would get the Native American's approval before changing the name."  Mrs. Yttri, Martinez Middle School US History teacher

"I would change the name and get the Native American's approval first so to not have any hint of racism."  Kevin Dec Sr., parent