Florida State has been under scrutiny and controversy for several years regarding the Seminole mascot that graces all sporting events on the Tallahasse campus. 
In our own state of Florida there has been a debate regarding the Florida State Seminole mascot that has been the hot topic of discussing for decades now.  FSU was on the list the NCAA came out with citing "hostile and abusive" mascots, but that was removed in 2005 when the Florida Seminole Tribe Chapter spoke up and voiced their support for the University's use of the mascot. 

Florida State University uses Chief Osceola as it's "chief" mascot.  Chief Osceola was a famous Seminole who actually led his people to fight against the U.S. in the early 1800's.  Many people think this shows a bad relationship between the white man and the Native American's that resulted in a bloody battle.  Some feel this mascot should inspire the athletes to take to the field, their battlefield, to win the fight.  Others feel that this mascot is the stereotype of a warrior that just isn't historically, let alone politically correct.  An argument the university has faced is that they only consulted the Florida Seminoles.  What about the other Seminoles or Native Americans in general?  It was said that Chief Osceola hated the American expansion into Florida, so some feel he would not have wanted to be a mascot representing something he fought against.